Young Driver Education

Good driving for young people in the UK


Good driving starts at the driving school, and this is especially true for young people. Whether you live in the UK or elsewhere in the world, driving safely and knowing the rules of the road is key to stay alive, and keep your vehicle in working condition, without risking injuring other people or getting a ticket for a traffic violation. None of these things are very pleasant, and there are easy steps you can take to ensure you won’t have to deal with them.


Young driver education is critical to make sure this young person has the right foundations for his or her life behind the wheel. Whether you’re thinking of getting a driving permit yourself, or know someone who will, the first thing to think about is getting a good driving education. In the UK, there are hundreds of different laws related to traffic violations. Right there you can see that knowing what to focus on, and how to follow all the rules, may not be obvious. A good driving instructor will go over all of these elements to make sure you always follow the law. Signs may be standardized in most of the UK, but there are many local communities with road signs you may not be familiar with. Again, this is something you will learn in a good driving course.


Finally, practicing with an instructor is also very important. If you never touched a car before, you have to give yourself some time to practice, even if you think you can do it properly. Handling a vehicle in raining weather, on ice, or taking sharp curves may be much more tricky than you might imagine. A good instructor will be able to go with you and make you practice so you know what to expect. Speaking of which, how do you find a good instructor? In the UK, there are thousands of driving schools. The Driving Standards Agency is a good place to start, and will tell you which instructors are approved. While it’s not always needed, having a registered instructor is a big safety net, because then you know that he or she will have the right knowledge to teach you.


Remember that in the end, good driving is your responsibility, and listening to what you learned in driving education is up to you. The law is very severe on some types of traffic violations. For example, if you drink and drive, you can expect a one year suspension of your driving permit, along with a fine and criminal record. This will follow you for a minimum of 11 years, all for a single night of fun. Over 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured in the UK every year just from drunk drivers, and many more from all sorts of other driving accidents.

Of course a driving education is not a fool-proof way to stay safe, but it is the best stat you can get when you’re ready to get your driving permit. Make sure you listen well to your instructor, and keep practicing.

Young Driver education

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