Learning to drive

So, you want to learn to drive car right?

Firstly you must understand that there are certain age limits for driving on the roads in the UK. You cannot drive a car until the age of 17 and must hold a Full UK License. This is very important as not abiding to these rules may results in procescution.

Manual or Automatic

The dreaded fear of manual driving has slowly pushed many individuals to a ‘Automatic’ only driving license, therefore allowing use of only Automatic transmission vehicles! Here at The Driving Specialists, we don’t hold grudges but slightly urge you to learn to drive a manual car. “Learning to a drive a manual car is easier, why? because I believe it’s easier to understand what is exactly happening…technically ‘driving’ the car” Jordan Beer, Founder.


A manual tranmission vehicle consists of gears that need to be changed via the gearbox leaver. Commonly found consisting of 1-5 forward gears and a reverse gear. Learning to drive a manual car is most common practice within the UK.


The lazy way to drive? or The easy way to drive?

The obvious benefit of having a Automatic car is, the fact of not having to change gear. The one thing your friend or family member is complaining about most days! Automatic transmission is intelligent technology to improve ease of driving.

How to go about your education

1. You need to grasp the idea of how a car works

How? Find a resource for how a cars mechanics work.

Why? It will help you picture how respond with your body.

2. Choose your transmission type; Manual or Auto

3. Find resources to learn different parts of your transmission type

4. Rinse and Repeat and learn the methods just like you would when back at school!

Still unsure?

We will be happy to answer any questions or advice regarding learning to drive.

Contact: helpmeout@thedrivingspecialists.co.uk

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